Oh To Be “Differently Abled”

I did not ever think I would want to be “differently abled”. But as I sit here, unable to even contemplate the glory of the Netjeru, I realise that it is exactly what I want.

I am wearing a perfume that fills my nose with the smell of lotus flowers, constantly bringing my mind back to the beauty of the Gods that I revere. And I am filled with the desire to sit before them in ritual, to pray to them, and offer to them. But all that happens is I get stuck in a loop, being reminded of them, while being too exhausted to think of them let alone move to do ritual. It hurts my heart.

What I would give to be able, just differently so.

But I am thankful for what I can do. I am thankful for the connection that perfume has given me. I am thankful for this website as a place to talk, to think, to share. I am thankful for the communities I am in that allow me both to bond with others, and to share my love of the Gods, on my own terms, as my health allows. And I am ever thankful for the Netjeru themselves. May they ever shine upon our lives.

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