Greeting the Radiant God

The golden evening sun hitting our small living room shrine, featuring Wepwawet, Sekhmet, Hethert, and Ma’at.

Post-hypomania, things at first felt strangely calm. But now I would say I’ve fallen into a pleasant routine. 

I am keeping up with Wepwawet’s requests as best I can – brushing my teeth twice a day most days, showering entirely, again most days. Washing my face has become part of the shower routine as well, which means moisturising afterwards also has to be, which has made the showers even more intensive, but I like the feeling it has provided.

Shadow work and Senut have been harder, but the gift with both came when I was well established with the aforementioned routine. As if I needed to be in a good place before I could take on more. This gift came in the form of Rev. Ma’atnofret’s “Kemetic Daily Devotional“, recently released in paperback. It’s incredibly helpful I think both to newcomers (having some basic info on how to build a shrine and how to make offerings), and to long-established Kemetics looking for inspiration.

Upon receiving my copy of the book, I immediately started working to integrate it into my life. I have also within the past week got hold of a kneeling chair, a Varier Multi Balans, second hand but in very good condition. The combination of the new devotional and the much nicer, dedicated chair with which to kneel at shrine, has been encouraging me to perform some of the morning and evening ideas from the book whenever I feel I can. Much as with my other activities, this hasn’t been every day, but learning to weave this into my life is a very new thing, and I’m surprised how well it has worked so far.

The book also contains journaling prompts, for example at the beginning of a month, or scattered throughout the weeks. These are thought provoking, and I have been working through them slowly as a way of challenging myself.

Finally, the morning interludes have turned out to be the perfect time to slot in Senut if I feel up to it. I simply perform the devotional within the prayer part of Senut itself. It’s low pressure, and allows me a spectrum of options depending on my health, but feels quite natural to slide along the scale if I feel able.

This is of course all happening while I am doing well. This blog has in its short lifespan seen me run the gamut from stability to depression to mania. How I cope when I wobble will be the real test.

In all of this though, I feel His presence. He is in everything right now. I know how challenging things can get, but I want to believe that I can hold on to this feeling, this awareness that I can lean into him in a storm and he will be there to guide me through it, just as he is guiding me now.

I titled this post when I had a whole other ramble in mind. And I do some day want to ramble about the faces he is showing these days. I don’t think it’s for public show just yet. But I think this post fits the title more than I expected because, well… This process, this whole thing that I’ve been going through, has felt like a process of greeting Wepwawet all over again. Of getting to know him, becoming closer to him, aligning my step more to match his. Of greeting the Radiant God.

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