We are the Tai’awepwawet System. Specifically and in more detail, we are the Kemetic Orthodox Shemsu-Ankh Tjema’awy (they/them) and Shemsu Sekhemib (she/her), who together go by the Shemsu name given to the khat (or body), “Tai’awepwawet”. While there are more folks kicking around here, they do not identify as Kemetic and so aren’t the ones you’ll find responding to our seeming collective name. (The true collective name for the system is The Allati Pack, if you’re wondering or ever need it.)

We are Children of Wepwawet, Beloveds of Serqet, Bast, Ra-Heruakhety, Hethert-Amenti, Nit-Nebthet-Seshat, and Sekhmet-Hethert.

We are trained in Fedw divination, offering it on behalf of Wepwawet, and currently also of Hethert-Amenti on selected festival and chronokrater days.

We are both “multi-trad” (such as it is) as independent Kemetics, and Tjema’awy is also a Heathen, primarily serving Frigg and Freyja.

More information about Tjema’awy’s Kemetic faith, and about their divination and healing offerings, can be found on their Carrd page.